Pelkkakivi Oy

After a lengthy maturing and careful consideration, the idea was born ridge rocks re-processing. The problem was only a technical things - stones mortgage during the cutting process. In fact, sawing could be used for the benefit of the experience gained from decades guarantee the processing of stone

Product development was completed, and the method was applied for a patent. Built in the test saw, which then developed a hardened version of which was to start industrial production.

Ice Age edit your building material

Almost the world's toughest named after the stone surface tension Salpausselkä ridge of stone is very strong and beautiful. Startle free stone refine its surfaces, blocks and 4-side sawn smooth rocks. Sawn stones can be built a beautiful surface, or even a spectacular wall with different pool. Natural stones have unlimited access in all the building all the way up until the decoration. So let your imagination run wild and start to build.

Save The Climate

We actually planned to clean the production method in which there is no strenuous nature of waste-material, but all resulting in the production of aggregates is useful. We recycle the water used for sawing so that the purified water is pumped into the sawmills for cooling, and separated from the fine material, ie the clay is in itself also usable.


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