Paving stones

Applications are numerous, only limited by the imagination. No professional men is not necessarily required. Pelkkakiviä can be done either sawn or 4-sawn to the surface of the top and / or bottom surface. Thus they provide a brick excellent. sawn of whole stones surface pebbles can be used, for example. plinth, a variety of garden pools and walls. Ear Stone seem to build courtyards, walkways and paths.

We built a stone wall at the edge of the talk floor at the Nordic Business Forum 2018 at the Helsinki Fair Center. Above the wall speaks for example. US President Barack Omaba.

The stone wall is 28 meters wide and a meter high. Eight people spent four hours in the walling of the wall.

See the picture series for assembling a wall here.


Stone Carpet

Usage: Walls, borders and islets

Benefits: Stone and root mat in the same installation. Self-supporting structure. A flat surface is suitable as the base. Carpets can also "nailed" to the slopes. Significant savings in installation.

Price:  Ask for price!

Wall stone

2-face sawn; fences, walls, flowerbeds, water issues, campfire places.

Price: 28 € / m (inc. VAT)

ATT! 1 Unit = 14 cm height and about 100 cm lenght

Surface stone

eg. a plinth surfaces and interior use.

Price: 25 € / m² (inc. VAT)

Badge Stone

garden paving, walkways, paths.

Price: 75 € / m² (inc. VAT)

4-side stone

4-face sawn; eg. walls, barries, fireplaces.

Price: 240 € / m² (inc. VAT)


Pelkkakivet and adhesives from us! Measure the need for four nights, put a little bit more than necessary and visit us, we have a good selection of stones sawn stock, suitably of different sizes according to your choice. You can use the stones from almost anywhere because they can withstand. Mounting adhesive application range is -40 ... +90 °C, making them suitable for a very even surfaces fireplaces and walls.

Interior stones

Natural stone is suitable for many product.

Available in the following products:

- Tea light holders
- Candle holders
- Flower pots
- Biofireplaces